My 3 Addictions is the 2007 album by Elastic No-No Band. Download the original album from ENB's Bandcamp page.
New Deluxe Edition coming in January 2013!


08. The Guy Who Dies

Would you be scared of getting killed by aliens if you were this guy?

Of course not, that's why War of the Worlds (2005) was not a movie about regular people reacting to global crisis, but was instead a movie about why it is important to be Tom Cruise during a global crisis, if you want to survive.


Friend to Animals said...

I sure like this song alot,and I really like that there other instrument in it. I don't know music too good but it kind of sounds like a recorder from grade school.
Steve "Addictee#1" Timmons

Friend to Animals said...

Wait, is it an accordion?
Still steve

Justin said...

I believe you are referring to the melodica part that Preston plays on this song. I'll tell Preston you liked it, Steve!