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10. Part 3: Girls Who.../11. (Everywhere I Look) I See Your Face

You know, it can feel really good sometimes just to see the person you have a crush on. I sort of say that in the next song "I'm in Lust" with the line "I wanna shout out loud about how seeing you just pleases me." It's true, I really think that it can make you feel better. It's only when the person is gone that you curse yourself for being alone, or suffer what the singer in this song suffers.

I think I originally tried to use this concept in the first screenplay I ever finished, back in high school, but I eventually left it out because it seemed trite and cheesy. Obviously, as I've gotten older, I've gotten triter and cheesier. Also, I experienced the phenomenon this song describes enough times that it seemed necessary to talk about.

Special guest appearances

Do you think it's played-out if you're doing an old-timey country and western song to include harmonica, banjo, and washboard? You do? Oh... well, uh...

Just pretend you didn't notice the contributions of Debe Dalton (right) on banjo, Frank Hoier on harmonica, and our own Doug Johnson on washboard.

And if you're wondering who did the wonderful Spike Jones-style backing vocals during the solo, why that wasn't any sort of special guest at all, that was just li'l ol' me!

Chris Maher on "(Everywhere I Look) I See Your Face"

I've been getting lot of interesting pieces from folks, spurred by the ideas of some of these songs, like the Mike Baglivi and John Houx pieces up above. The newest one is from Chris Maher (right), which takes the obsessed, melancholy subtext of this jaunty little number and makes it the text. You can check it out at this link here.

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