My 3 Addictions is the 2007 album by Elastic No-No Band. Download the original album from ENB's Bandcamp page.
New Deluxe Edition coming in January 2013!



My 3 Addictions is what you're listening to now on this jukebox-looking thing:

This blog was started September 3, 2007, and a new song was posted every other day until September 23. At that point, every track from the album was posted here, available as a stream. There used to be many more bonus tracks and extra mp3s posted here, but I took them down when I shut down the Elastic No-No Band website at the end of 2011. Still there's more than enough junk here to keep you busy.

Please enjoy hearing and reading about the album, and if you want to buy the CD. And feel free to visit our Bandcamp page.

For an even more detailed explanation of the deal with the album and this blog, please visit this handy FAQ's page: What is MY 3 ADDICTIONS?

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brook said...

I couldn't help but imagine Justin Preston and Matt scratching their respective (or, for that matter, each other's) facial hair to ponder any matter.
It is nice! I like!