My 3 Addictions is the 2007 album by Elastic No-No Band. Download the original album from ENB's Bandcamp page.
New Deluxe Edition coming in January 2013!


Tighter than Steely Dan's... ahem... Some words from Toby Goodshank

Toby Goodshank (of [alphabetically] Bearded Witness, Christian Pirate Puppets, Double Deuce, Huggabroomstik, The Moldy Peaches, The Tri-Lambs... and creator of almost two dozen albums of his own) kindly shares these words about My 3 Addictions:

The new Elastic No-No Band album is fantastic! The instrumentation is about as lush as a rock band can provide without adding a pit orchestra. The vocal harmonies are on-point and layered to a rich effect. The production is tighter than Steely Dan’s asshole (as they say). I find the disc to be an enjoyable listen the whole way through.

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